The de Villiers Family
Johannesburg, November 2020

"Because we had spent a number of years living in the UK 20 years ago, we assumed we were mostly comfortable with knowing how the system worked, but that was before the responsibility of ‘proper’ adulthood and of raising children! With the added pressures of finding a means to have a family-oriented soft landing on our arrival, we decided to put our naivety aside and contact the Juniper Shores ladies on the back of a recommendation from friends, who were a few weeks ahead of us in the emigration process.

Dealing with the lists and lists of administrative tick boxes on the South African side in preparation for the big move, meant that there was a huge void in our planning for what happened when we arrived, most notably finding a decent suburb to live in that had a number of good schooling options in the direct vicinity. Because residential location and schooling are so completely intertwined, the enormity of the task became a real headache for us…until we found Juniper Shores!

Our fears and anxieties started diminishing rapidly from the very first email response we received from Samantha and Rozanna, such was their infectious enthusiasm, absolute professionalism and most importantly, their warmth and authentic empathy. We were able to completely resign the process to them and the trust that we placed in them was well-founded. No question was deemed ‘too stupid’, no request considered ‘too difficult’- we were met with complete honesty and sincerity along every step of the way.

Their patience, continued enthusiasm, and passion, even in the face of our own doubts, fears, regrets and indecisions allowed us to comfortably transition from the home that we knew and loved, to the new place that we are now calling home.

We loved the connectedness that they allowed, the friendliness they exhibited and most importantly the anxieties they embraced as their own in order to alleviate our fears. They shared our tears, enthused over our small victories and were such a rock of support along every single step of the way. We especially appreciated their constant availability, their incredibly comprehensive research around the schools and the continuous South African connectedness and humour; without these I believe we would likely have given up completely or still been busy trying to figure this stuff out!

Not only would we highly recommend the services that the ladies offer, we think it should become mandatory so that people making this massive decision in their lives are able to appreciate the talent, commitment and gentle South African touch that Juniper Shores brings!

The UK is fortunate to gain the attributes and skills that Samantha and Rozanna bring to the services industry and we can’t think of a more perfect way to start this new chapter in our lives."

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