Buchner Family
Johannesburg, December 2020

"I would consider myself a well organised person who is able to research things and put plans together quite effectively. However, one doesn’t realise that when moving to a new country that there are just so many unknown elements and factors and decisions. It is easy to become overwhelmed with social media groups who advise and comment on predicaments or get lost in comparison websites and be easily swayed by random strangers’ opinions.

The moment we signed up with Juniper Shores - the process just became so much calmer, easier, and pleasant. All my insecurities and confusions were addressed with confidence, knowledge and experience of the ladies and I could breathe again knowing I had a team of experts guiding our process.

We needed help finding a rental property that would accommodate our four pets which is surprisingly not an easy thing to do. We also were super picky about where we wanted to live, our restricted budget and how close we wanted to be to good schools. We had spent weeks if not months on Rightmove and Zoopla with absolutely no joy, but Rozanna and Samantha managed to find us an absolutely perfect place in a matter of two weeks. They did our site visit for us and negotiated our occupancy.

From there it was a continuous stream of support and information to get our kids into school, find a local vet, get our utilities set up and even taking delivery of our food shopping and basics for our arrival. Samantha and Rozanna are not only experts in their field, highly organised and a fountain of knowledge - they are kind, calm, supportive and really encouraging and positive.

While I probably could have bumbled along on my own - I would have been a wreck and definitely got things wrong. With Juniper Shores, I felt calm, confident, and excited about the move as opposed to frazzled. This in itself is worth its weight in gold. For anyone embarking on this journey - it is stressful enough just making the decision to move country - start off on the right foot by making it a calm and joyous move by getting the expert guidance and support from Juniper Shores. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. You will absolutely reap the benefit from day one."

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