D.B, Johanannesburg, December 2020

“When we were planning our move to the UK, we spent close to a year going round and round in circles trying to decide where to settle by using the search functionality on sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, based on our budget and accommodation requirements. Not easy when you are trying to get a palace for peanuts. We had a long list of requirements including a study, 4 bedrooms, a garage and being pet friendly and it was discouraging to find two dozen properties in outer-nowhere to suit our budget only to see none allowed pets.

Enter Samantha and Rozanna. They knew our requirements and weren’t daunted. In two weeks, they found our rental property in an area we hadn’t even considered; and we love it. They made sure the area was up-to-scratch by doing a drive-by, checking traffic and looking for any problem areas nearby.

Aside from finding our property for us - they did dozens of little things we hadn’t considered - so that when we arrived for our period of self-isolation in December 2020, we had a pantry full of groceries, broadband, UK sim cards for the whole family, and we were linked up to utilities. We even had a reusable thingamajig on a keyring to replicate a Pound coin to get a supermarket trolley.

Moving countries is not for the faint-hearted, but at least having Rozanna and Samantha to assist will mean you don’t need to have a heart attack doing it all yourself.”

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