Lopes Family
Johannesburg, September 2020

"Samantha and Rozanna were the calm amid our storm and a lighthouse guiding us to new shores.

Their vibrant personalities, positivity, empathy and exceptional organisational and project management skills made our move from South Africa to the UK in a mere 3 months feel structured, calm and manageable.

Samantha and Rozanna have an abundance of knowledge and resources in all areas pertaining to relocation. Everything they assisted us with, from their to-do lists, to finding a home and school, to shopping and setting up facilities, was invaluable in saving time as well as reducing pressure and anxiety. 

In addition to their high level of professionalism, their personal touch as well as relentless optimism and energy place them in a league of their own.

Even on the most stressful days leading up to our arrival (and there were many), a quick chat to these wonderful ladies left us with a feeling of 'We’ve got this!'

They have been the backbone of our move and an integral part of our adventure and journey.

Thank you ladies, we couldn’t have done it without you!"

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No matter what the task is, whether you need a relocation manager, weekly errand runs, or you need an organisational genius, we are here for you!