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Our Journey

A first-class service
every step of the way

Rozanna and Samantha were both born and brought up in South Africa before relocating to Surrey, England. 

Rozanna has over 25 years’ experience working in the Travel industry and managing a successful family business in Johannesburg with over 30 staff members.

Her many years of global travel and business management experience has given Rozanna the solid foundation she needs to best serve her clients. She will effortlessly manage and coordinate your lives and become an indispensable resource you can rely on and will turn to again and again. She is passionate when it comes to helping others and no matter what, will do all of this with a smile and a can-do attitude. 

Samantha & Rozanna

Samantha’s 20 years of work experience has been obtained in both South Africa and London in Finance and Project Management. Her most recent 6 years in Project Management has taught her a myriad of skills that have made her an expert in planning, managing and coordinating multiple tasks at any one time to always deliver a service exceeding a client’s expectation.

Our combined life experience, relocation from Johannesburg to Surrey with our families and pets together with understanding the challenges of balancing a career, family commitments, and all the other things that make up a full and busy life is what drove us to collaborate and launch Juniper Shores.

Our goal and mission it to provide a service which is personalised and unique to each client’s situation. We will always bring a strong sense of integrity, empathy, kindness, ingenuity and diligence to any task or project because understanding and exceeding our client’s needs is our top priority.

So should your circumstance bring on a relocation or you simply wish a tedious task or errand to be taken off your hands, trust that Juniper Shores will endeavour to deliver a first-class service every step of the way.