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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Lifestyle Concierge?

Lifestyle Concierge services will save you time and enhance your day to day lives by organising and performing a multitude of lifestyle tasks on your behalf.

Our services are tailored to your needs and is a personalised service for you. See our home page for areas we can help you with.

Why use Juniper Shores?
  • Because you have too many things to do and not enough time to do it.
  • Because it’s not more efficient just to do it yourself.
  • Because you really want your weekends back.
  • Because you are missing out on family life.
  • Because relocating to the UK has its own challenges.
  • Because unpacking boxes after a move is just too overwhelming.
  • Because you know someone who really needs an extra hand.
  • Because you’ve got an upcoming party, holiday, event, or project.
  • Because you just don’t know where to start.
  • Because you Senior loved one needs help with their day to day chores.
  • Because your to-do list is longer than Santa’s!

No matter what the task is, whether you need a relocation manager, weekly errands run, or you need an organisational genius, we are here for you!

The key to success is not trying to do it all yourself! We will help you in your day to day lives with the little tasks as well as handle the occasional and unexpected.

What areas do you cover?

Juniper Shores is based in Surrey, England.

We primarily serve the Home Counties however with the benefit of technology, we can provide most of our services remotely.

Isn’t it more expensive to use a concierge?

When comparing our rates to the cost of your time, loss of business opportunity, the money you save in sourcing the best rates for products or services, or the stress of not being able to accomplish all of your tasks, you will see that a concierge is surprisingly affordable.

I want a service not listed on your website, are these the only ones you offer?

If we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll make it our business to find someone who can.

What do you charge and how does the payment structure work?
  • We provide you with our rates at our free initial consultation.
  • Packaged hours are paid upfront, and your hours will be tracked so you can clearly see what tasks have been done and the time it’s taken to achieve them.
  • We update you regularly on this and advise you when your account requires a top up.
  • We also run a disbursement account for you, which is also prepaid and allows us to make purchases on your behalf.
  • All expenses are approved by you prior to any purchases and we update you regularly on any expense items in this account, with receipts as proof of purchase.
  • All calls except international are included in the hourly rates - so there are no hidden surprises.

Is there a minimum number of hours you need to purchase for personal concierge services?

The minimum is two hours.

At your free initial consultation, we would determine, based on the list of tasks, an estimate of the hours you may wish to purchase.

What are your operating hours?

We are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

At times we may be available out of hours for special requests, but it is not the norm.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

We certainly do!

All personal information collected by us at Juniper Shores remains confidential at all times and is only used in order to service our client’s requests.

We do not divulge any information about our clients to third parties unless authorised to do so or in accordance to the law and we are discreet and confidential in all our dealings.

Is your company DBS checked?



Why use Juniper Shores to manage your relocation?
  • We will do all the research, sourcing, and worrying so you can focus on what matters most!
  • Perhaps you or your partner will be working in London, but you prefer to live in the suburbs but have no idea where to start. We will find the area most suited to you.
  • Perhaps you are looking for a Primary or Secondary school but not sure how the admission process works. We can guide you every step of the way!
  • Perhaps you have a dog and cat that you wouldn’t want to leave behind, let us find you the best Pet Transport company and advise you on the process on bringing your fury friend across.
  • Having endured a similar journey, we understand that relocation can be stressful, and we want to alleviate you from handling the endless details, worries and uncertainties.
  • Juniper Shores will save you time, reduce stress and manage the challenges that come your way.

I’m not sure yet whether I want to move. May I come for a scouting visit?

Many clients choose to visit their new city at least once before committing to move there.

Juniper Shores will make all the arrangements for your “pre decision trip”, so that you get the most out of your trip, including picking you up at the airport, giving you an overview tour of the area and neighbourhoods that might appeal to you (based on your initial consultation), and any suggestions applicable to your family.

I’m already familiar with my new city and have friends there. Do I have to pay for extra services I don’t need?

Juniper Shores services are completely customisable, so you can use us as much or as little as you prefer.

How much does it cost for a family to use your relocation services?

Juniper Shores assisted a professional couple, their three children and two dogs to relocate from Cape Town to Surrey, England.

We found two top rated private schools, a neighbourhood that matched their needs, helped find a family car within their budget, sourced extra tuition for the children and guided them through the process to bring their dogs over too. This level of support cost the family £2,400.

How can Juniper Shores assist a couple and their dog to move to the UK and what would this cost?

Juniper Shores can assist a professional couple in finding the best pet relocation specialist and guide them through the process, find pet friendly accommodation in London as well as doggy day care assuming the couple work full time. This would cost between £950 and £1,300.

My husband is being transferred from South Africa to the UK and I need to move us and our two daughters within the next three months, how can Juniper Shores help us?

Juniper Shores can assist with any of your needs during this stressful time in your life.

As an example, we can help you find a suitable rental home and attend viewings on your behalf, find schools and guide you through the admission process, source furniture rentals or purchase furniture while you wait for your container to arrive and assist with setting up utilities as per your requirements. We are also able to provide a list of the sports clubs or extra tuition for your daughters, should they be required and make you familiar with all your new neighbourhood has to offer.

Lifestyle Concierge

Why should I use a Personal Concierge or Lifestyle Manager?
  • A personal concierge can take care of the daily, weekly or monthly tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up and dropping off packages, returning items, dry cleaning, laundry, gift shopping or numerous other tasks that take up your time.
  • Perhaps you are going away on vacation or for business. You prefer not to ask family or neighbours to take in your mail, water your plants and keep an eye on your house.
  • If you are a small business owner we can assist at the office (or home office) during busy seasons, for large events, or on a regular basis so you are free to take care of the more important details of your business.
  • Do you have older parents that you’re concerned about? You may not be able to check in on them as often as you’d like. We can visit them daily, bi-weekly, or weekly for as little as 15 minutes to make sure everything is ok and take care of small tasks around the house. Although we are not permitted to administer medication, we can remind your family member to take their medication as scheduled.
  • Life is busy. Time is limited. Free time is hard to come by. Let a Lifestyle Concierge simplify your life.

I have a home that I leave vacant from time to time. Would you be able to maintain the property?

Yes, we assist with maintenance and monitoring of your property while you are not at home.

In the event of a natural disaster or emergency of any kind, we are only a phone call away to ensure that your home is secure.